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The photographs by the British-Dutch photo journalist Merlin Daleman tell the poignant story of a divided Great-Britain.

Whether working on small-format paper surfaces or on enormous walls, the artist Thomas Trum (1989) is always searching for unconventional working methods. He explores new techniques, such as painting with a sponge mounted on a drilling machine, or with felt tip pens measuring several metres high.

For the very first time, the nude photography collection of journalist and photography collector Wim de Jong will be shown to the public (…), featuring a selection from this remarkable collection of amateur snapshots. With women posing among the houseplants, next to the Christmas tree or in front of the fireplace; naked in the surf, on ski’s, or in the back garden..

For over three decades, the New Zealand-born artist Michael Stevenson, who lives and works in Berlin, has developed a practice that is at once research based and materially dedicated. His artworks operate at the confluence of economics, technology, belief, and the infrastructural systems that enable them.

This exhibition presents a new body of work by Kapwani Kiwanga, who lives and works in Paris. The work revolves around the epistemologies of botany, its histories and their relation to acts of resistance. The artist examines the role of plants in self-medication, subsistence, and self-protection, while considering plants as witnesses to human history.

As a mother, wife, and artist, Seejarim brings into attention the unequal distribution of labor attributed to women as useful and controllable subjects. While the issue of female subjectivity is prevalent throughout her work, Seejarim explores the complex tensions surrounding everyday household rituals done by women and their desire and dilemma to escape such roles.

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