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Fra Angelico and the Rise of the Florentine Renaissance, an exhibition sponsored by the Fundación Amigos del Museo del Prado, analyses the artistic importance of the early Florentine Renaissance between approximately 1420 to 1430, with a particular focus on the figure of Fra Angelico, one of the great masters of this period.

This exhibition project will recreate the original aspect of Room 39, known as Their Majesties’ Retiring Room. First opened in 1828, it was intended as a portrait gallery of the Bourbon Dynasty. The images on display were accompanied by still lifes, floral compositions and landscapes and by other paintings that depict events from the reigns of Charles III and Ferdinand VII. This installation will recreate the hanging of the paintings at different heights and will include some of the furnishings made for this space, including Ferdinand VII’s toilet.

The Museo del Prado presents the generous donation made in 2018 by the Ellacuria family, the descendants of the painter Cecilio Pla (1859–1934). It is made up of a large collection of letters, photographs and negatives, and some of his sketchbooks, together with a number of loose drawings and various other materials related to his career, such his diplomas and medals. This donation, of which only a small selection is on display, will enhance our knowledge of the work of this Valencian painter and the artistic and cultural panorama of his time.

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