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American painter, sculptor, and print artist Jim Dine spent part of 1979 at Jerusalem’s Burston Graphic Center. The prints he created there included self-portraits and depictions of his robe, an object which he had come to view as a reflection of his self. A selection of works from this year reveals the dexterity with which he merged print techniques: etching, lithography, and screenprinting, manually and mechanically treated plates, and drawings done directly on the paper.

In her new body of work, Khen Shish investigates the relationship between randomness and intention, as she creates through a process that recalls the Rorschach test used in psychology. Venue: Ticho House

Osvaldo Romberg taught at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy in the 1970s, chairing its Fine Arts department, creating a body of work, and leaving his imprint on the development of Conceptual art in Israel.

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