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This large-scale solo show by leading contemporary Israeli painter Gilad Efrat explores the evolution of his unique painting style and approach, typified by “digging” into layers of paint.

Lisa Reihana’s acclaimed video projection in Pursuit of Venus [infected] was inspired by a 19th-century French scenic wallpaper that envisioned the Pacific islands as an exotic paradise. Taking this product of European fantasy as her framework, Reihana reimagines the past. Against the wallpaper, digitally rendered and reinterpreted, she presents a new narrative weaving together historical and invented episodes.

A tour-de-force multi-screen film installation, Manifesto draws on the somewhat anachronistic literary form of manifestos – declarations of belief usually combined with a call for action. Artist Julian Rosefeldt revisited dozens of 20th-century manifestos, examining their relevance and power today and blending foundational texts of art movements including Dada, Surrealism, and Futurism to create thirteen new texts written as monologues. Sole actor Cate Blanchett performs the monologues as different characters in diverse settings (…).

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