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Christian Borchert (1942-2000) was one of the most significant photographers in the GDR and reunified Germany. Born in Dresden and primarily active in that city and Berlin, he developed a pictorial language that was analytical and cautious, yet intense. Venue: Residenzschloss

As the craze for all things Chinese swept across Europe, the continent fell in love with porcelain. August the Strong was the only person to know the secret of how to make it. In 1710, he founded the first European porcelain manufactory in Meissen and made this exotic material into its unique calling card. Thirsting after its beauty, he collected thousands of pieces, the minority of which were the practical everyday items we associate with porcelain today. This explains how the Dresden Porzellansammlung is able to show precious vases, figurines and life-sized sculptures modelled after real animals owned by the Saxon king, alongside the finest dining services.

Walking through the Albertinum islike opening a museum-sized art history reference work and leafing through its pages. With a range extending from Romanticism to the present, the Albertinum is a place where painting meets sculpture, East meets West and today meets tomorrow.

The special exhibition created with Jiří Fajt, Move little hands… “Move!” will open its doors at Kunsthalle im Lipsiusbau on 18 November, giving an insight into the artistic couple’s lives and work. Visitors to the show can expect both a cinematic experience and a curiosity cabinet. It presents contemporary Czech surrealism through a wide variety of media, uniting the oeuvres of both artists in one place.

At the People and Plants exhibition you’ll find out why the plant world is not only literally vital to our survival, but also delightful in its sheer diversity and beauty. The architecture for the exhibition has been designed to grow like a flower into the three rooms, with its roots, leaves and blossoms. Within this setting, an array of cultural-historical records and artworks, scientific specimens, photographs and video installations vividly demonstrate just how much curiosity and affection we as human beings have for our plant-based environment – but also how reckless and destructive we have been towards it.

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