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Scalable Skeletal Escalator is an experimental live art work conceived by Isabel Lewis in the form of a holobiont, a multi-organismic assemblage, like the human body itself, shuddering and shaking into being.

The exhibition shows sculptures, photos, videos and installations by the Algerian-French artist Kader Attia. His first exhibition in German-speaking Switzerland revolves around Europe’s colonial past and its consequences.

This exhibition presents a spectacular panorama of landscape painting, with around 60 key works from the collection covering the period between 1500 and 1800 in Flanders, Holland and Italy.

The 1920s were a decade of both progression and backlash. A catastrophic world war followed by a pandemic with remarkable parallels to the current corona crisis awakened people’s thirst for life. At no time in the 20th century was the desire for change more intense.

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