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This collection presentation focuses on the exploration of new artistic avenues in photography during the 1970s and 1980s, both in Switzerland and internationally. The old concept of craftsmanship came up against new artistic ideas.

Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson (b. 1967) is one of the most important artists working today, appearing in leading museums and exhibitions worldwide. He is developing a new installation exclusively for the Kunsthaus Zürich that will occupy the entirety of the Bührle gallery. The exhibition’s subject is the relationship between human beings and the other life-forms and species on Earth – a central theme in the Anthropocene.

“I’m interested in transgression, going beyond oneself and what it means to escape the confines of social or cultural norms…(…)” From a conversation between Marianna Simnett and Susanne Pfeffer, MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, ZOLLAMT, Frankfurt.

The Kunsthaus presents the first Swiss retrospective devoted to Wilhelm Leibl (1844–1900), one of the most important painters of the 19th century.

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