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Kunstvereniging Diepenheim opens its thirtieth year with an exhibition of eight young, promising artists, current or former students of art schools in the east of the Netherlands. Buiten Westen #2 is the second edition of the annual exhibition, which is hosted by guest curator Hélène Webers. Artists: Rakshita Bhargava, Henry Byrne, Kamilė Česnavičiūtė, Swaeny Nina Kersaan, Tessa Langeveld, Hedwich Rooks, Tom van Veen, Jochem van den Wijngaard.

The artists Gilbert & George have created art together for half a century. Through this an outstanding body of work has emerged that is still explosive and avant-garde today. This is now generously demonstrated in THE GREAT EXHIBITION, 1971-2016, which allows unique insight into their visually powerful, boundless – and sometimes provocative – artistic universe.

This exhibition is devoted to Ottilia, the daughter of Giovanni and Annetta Giacometti and sister of Alberto, Diego and Bruno. It turns the spotlight on the least-known figure in the family, who died in 1937 at the age of just 33 while giving birth to her son Silvio.

In addition to a familiar gem from the Collection of Prints and Drawings – Raphael’s study for a fresco in the Vatican Palace – it reveals some previously unknown, masterful examples of the art created by Italians who have secured their place in art history, from Correggio and Guercino to Carlo Maratti.

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