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Stefan Tcherepnin, born in Boston in 1977, is a composer, musician, and visual artist.

Peter Wächtler, born in Hannover, Germany, in 1979, lives and works in Berlin. He writes texts, produces films, draws, paints pictures, and makes sculptures and objects. The human figure is central to all of his work. It appears in various forms, attitudes, poses, and interactions, just as it does in real life.

This exhibition focuses on the artistic method Matisse brought to bear in almost all his principal sculptures: starting out from a seemingly naturalistic approach, his figures progressed through increasing degrees of abstraction that culminated in radical stylization. At the same time he captured the key ‘states’ as sculptures in their own right, laying bare the workings of his creative process.

Böcklin’s ‘Spring Awakening’ edifies us with its hypnotically dense evocation of mythical figures from ancient times. Opposite him are five important paintings by the leading Italian artist of modernism, Giorgio de Chirico. Four are from a private collection and are only on show at the Kunsthaus for a short period. Also on display from this private collection are works by Filippo de Pisis, Carlo Carrà, Mario Sironi and Giorgio Morandi.

The art of this period is characterized by drastic change and massive contrasts. After the war – which culminated in ‘Hour Zero’ as the fighting finally came to an end – the post-1945 decade sees a shift, from a reckoning with the conflict’s far-reaching consequences to the creation of a new artistic language accompanied by a new freedom of expression.

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