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The glowing tension of invisible connections, the unveiling of unspeakable feelings and the unleashing of fantasy create the inimitable atmosphere of the exhibition of works by David Lynch. The filmmaker’s surreal images based on photo montages as well as reinterpreted portraits and reproductions open up dimensions of space and time, making up a universe well known from Lynch’s films. Small Stories takes visitors on a psychedelic journey through the world of emotions, humour, playfulness and restlessness, while unveiling past memories and scars. Similarly to his films, these images are dominated by dreams with the fundamental driving force of his poetic vision being the connection between the subconscious and reality.

The group exhibition IPARTERV 50+ presents a selection from the latest (or, in case of concluded oeuvres, the last) works of the artists who were represented at the Iparterv exhibitions of 1968 and 1969. Additionally, the exhibition features works by contemporary artists reflecting on specific works by Iparterv-artists or the Hungarian neo-avant-garde in general.

The newly set collection display makes attempts to present emphatic points not only in well-organised chronological order or along stylistic features, but to examine the characteristics, consonances, differences as well as the artistic-cultural parallels between Western and Eastern art. The collection renders it possible to show up substantive parallelism within the lifeworks of artists with dedicated and critical approach from Western as well as Eastern countries.

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