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The exhibition Perspectives revolves around two chronological anchor points: on the one hand, the emergence of a Romanian identity in the 19th century and on the other, the revolution and fall of Ceausescu in 1989. How did art develop against the backdrop of that turbulent history? And how do today’s artists view those events? (…) Numerous Romanian artists are presented, with an important focus on the avant-garde, and are introduced to garner further attention in other exhibitions.

A travelling exhibition is showing models, texts, videos, sketches and drawings of the 40 shortlisted works and a summary of all 383 nominees. This layout disseminates the work of European architects and creates important discussions and synergies on ways of designing, building and using places, cities and territories.

The exhibition presents masterpieces by Brancusi from museums and private collections around the world, including ‘Sleeping Muse’ ‘The Kiss,’ and ‘Leda.’ Several pieces will be showcased for the first time alongside works by Rodin under whom Brancusi briefly studied.

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