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Adriano Amaral investigates the place of materiality by creating environments in which natural and synthetic elements merge, forming hybrids between technology and mysticism. With an intuitive approach towards materials, combining industrial and discarded personal objects, Amaral creates site-sensitive installations that model the exhibition space as an encompassing experience.

Farid’s exhibition at Witte de With presents a newly commissioned film installation, along with her film At the Time of the Ebb, 2019.

Since last year, this gallery space of Witte de With has been used as a site for displays and events. It also functions as bookshop and classroom. These developments on site developed in connection with an initiative on collective learning, which, among other things, entails a work/study program designed for Rotterdam youth. The first edition of this program took place from September 2018 to February 2019. It involved nine participants, and it thematically centered on identity issues, hospitality and entrepreneurship. As part of the program, the participants were tasked to propose a new identity for the space. They proposed naming it MELLY, towards creating a more welcoming environment and conversation-based program.




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Every Friday evening is Kunstavond. We are open until 9 pm and from 6 to 9 pm there is no entrance fee