Weltmuseum Wien

It’s all about people.

Just as in many other ethnographic museums all around the world, it is necessary for the Weltmuseum Wien to take a critical look into its own past in order to shape its future. In the course of the last few centuries, some of what can today be admired in our exhibitions was collected under somewhat questionable circumstances. It is, therefore, all the more important for us to have an open dialogue, are self-critical and see ourselves as a forum in which as many voices as possible should be heard.
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3 Nadcházející události

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The exhibition shows how these guidelines relate to twelve specific objects. This opens up a discursive space for visitors that reveals diverse and surprising facets to the question of the “colonial object” and its future. Simple answers are not to be expected, but all the more impulses for reflection and debate.

The Brazilian rainforest is a contested cultural landscape, today more than ever. In 1998, the German photographer Andrea Altemüller travelled to Brazil, where she met people who transform raw materials from the rain forest in huge variety of ways and turned this into the two photo series Earth from my river and Deforestation of the rainforest.  The exhibition Metamorphosis. Brazil 1998 is the first time these series of photos are shown side by side.

Thirty faces, lit by the beauty of spiritual communication, of prayer, of meditation. Intimate photographic portraits of people of different faiths, each of them in the process of connecting their innermost self with something else, maybe outside of themselves but still a fundamental part of the core of their humanity.