The Association of Visual Artists Vienna Secession is the world’s oldest independent exhibition institution specifically dedicated to contemporary art.

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“Everyone’s individual world is made up of troubled facts. My work sits between the idea of reality and its representations.“ (Martine Syms) Martine Syms uses video, performance, text, and installation to address representations of blackness. Her research-based practice frequently references and incorporates theoretical models regarding performed or imposed identities, the power of the gesture, and embedded assumptions concerning gender and race.

Since the 1980s, the Brazilian artist Fernanda Gomes has used ordinary and affordable materials to make objects and bricolages (always untitled) whose formal idiom recalls Arte Povera, minimalism, and Brazilian constructivism. Leftovers and lost, disregarded, or discarded items as well as commonplace objects such as glass, mirrors, magnets, strings, hairs, cigarette butts, newspapers, and old furniture are arranged on the scene of the exhibition, assembled in fragile and precarious constructions or consolidated and corded for more compact creations.

Peter Doig paints representational pictures as though they were abstractions. His spellbinding compositions combine planar forms and a palette that is as bold as it is nuanced with vivid painterly gestures. Many of his works show landscapes—the reflective surface of a pond, shadowy figures trudging through snow, the dense foliage of a tropical forest. Suffused with a sense of dreamy unreality, the scenes often evoke a mood of elegiac melancholy. With a keen eye for the faintly unsettling quality that looms just beneath the surface of his landscapes, Doig insistently probes man’s encounters with nature and the loneliness of the individual. His most recent work shows a growing interest in the human figure.