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Countryside, The Future is an exhibition addressing urgent environmental, political, and socioeconomic issues through the lens of architect and urbanist Rem Koolhaas and Samir Bantal, Director of AMO, the think tank of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). A unique exhibition for the Guggenheim Museum, Countryside, The Future will explore radical changes in the rural, remote, and wild territories collectively identified here as “countryside,” or the 98% of the Earth’s surface not occupied by cities, with a full rotunda installation premised on original research.

With works by Agnes Martin, Roman Opałka, and Park Seo-Bo, Marking Time: Process in Minimal Abstraction invites viewers to imagine the artists’ creative process.

In the 1960s a group of avant-garde painters began to push abstraction in new directions. The Fullness of Color: 1960s Painting charts several of these courses.


10 am - 5:45 pm


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10 am - 5:45 pm