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mumok is presenting the first comprehensive retrospective of the work of the Austrian artist Ernst Caramelle. The exhibition includes all the phases of his work from 1974 to the present and attractively combines the artist’s various media and conceptual approaches. This exhibition does not focus entirely on chronology, but rather on the connections between works in different media (photos, videos, and reproductions of media images), mural painting, the so-called Gesso Pieces and Sun Pieces, drawings, watercolors, and prints. Caramelle’s work combines both abstraction and emblematic figuration—up to the point of floral formlessness. Formats vary from miniatures to large-scale wall paintings. Thematically, these works in many different media explore perception, the nature of space, media representation, artistic productivity, and the role of the artist and his embroilment in the market and with the museum. Ernst Caramelle will paint two new murals for mumok, with both thematic and formal links to the works in the exhibition.

With a selection of works from our collection, this exhibition presents different lines of development in painting from the 1950s to the 1970s. It includes works by Josef Albers, Helen Frankenthaler, Roland Goeschl, Ellsworth Kelly, Richard Kriesche, Karel Malich, Agnes Martin, Kenneth Noland, Ad Reinhardt, Helga Philipp, and Zdeněk Sýkora. The 1950s saw a radical shift and break with tradition in the fundamentals of painting in favor of new media-based forms of art. Key impulses came from minimal art and conceptual art. Their sober principles are reflected in abstract and geometrical painting with its formally reduced compositions and its rejection of narrative and illusionist representation. At the same time, painting explored its own relationship to space and to perception. In Eastern Europe from the 1960s there was increased reception of constructivist modernism, as a counter to socialist realism and in the course of post-Stalinist liberalization. Analytical trends are seen in contemporary painting in Austria as a sign of its international intentions. Curated by Rainer Fuchs


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