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Guillermo Kahlo was the father of perhaps the world’s most photographed artist, Frida Kahlo. In Mexico he is revered as an iconic photographer, whose work is also highly rated in the international photographic art scene, although he is less well-known here in Hungary. This exhibition showcases a selection of his special images. We offer a journey back in time to the Mexico of a bygone age: The photographs taken in the first three decades of the 1900s are thrilling snapshots of the country’s rich, centuries-old architectural heritage, nourished by diverse cultures and traditions, as well as documenting the monumental Mexican construction projects that spanned the early part of the last century.

Traditional Jewish cemeteries are like immense pages of old chronicles or the Scripture, handwritten on the soil with gravestones as letters and lanes as background, dotted with ritual buildings and framed by long walls. Modern Jewish graves depart from this world in order to bring Jewish cemeteries closer to the Christian world. Photographs by Rudolf Klein offer an insight into this world.




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