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The exhibition follows Yokoi from Tokyo to New York and via Paris to Bern, showing around fifty works from the period between her 1954 trip to the USA and the late 1960s. In this space of time, among other events, she settled in Bern in 1962 and the highly acclaimed exhibition of her work took place at the Kunsthalle Basel in 1964.

The Kunstmuseum Bern is showing around 200 works from its collection from the perspective of Sigmund Freud’s text in which he speaks of three major humiliations of the human narcissism in the course of recent history. Alongside masterpieces by Arnold Böcklin, Ferdinand Hodler, Albert Anker, Adolf Wölfli and Félix Vallotton, the extensive exhibition of pieces from the collection also includes works by women artists who have so far received less attention, such as Annie Stebler-Hopf and Clara von Rappard.




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