Kunsthalle Wien is a space which comprises the broad diversity of international contemporary art and its related contemporary discourses. To this effect, Kunsthalle Wien has been developing innovative exhibition and communication formats.

Since it opened in 1992 – originally as a makeshift structure shaped like a container, today with locations at the Museumsquartier and Karlsplatz – Kunsthalle Wien, as an urban institution, presents national and international contemporary art. In this respect, it is both a location for established art and negotiation site for current societal issues as well as future developments.

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The Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2018 goes to two artists who hail from a cultural sphere that has been riven by a sharp political divide since the end of the Chinese Civil war in 1949: from the People’s Republic of China and the island nation of Taiwan (officially known as the “Republic of China”). The two honorees agreed on the title Keep me close to you for their diverse explorations of current as well as historic forms of the transmission of immaterial goods across both countries’ respective political and ideological boundaries.   Repro: Hui Ye, Quick Code Service, Videostill, 2017/18, Courtesy the artist

In a sketch for a film, Michelangelo Antonioni notes: “The Antarctic glaciers are moving in our direction at a rate of three millimeters per year. Calculate when they’ll reach us. Anticipate, in a film, what will happen.” Metaphorically speaking, to feel cold means to feel deeply alienated. Alienation was already a dominant concern for sociologists around 1900: the alienation of man from society through individualization, alienation from nature through urbanization, alienation from work through mechanization. For philosophers like Theodor W. Adorno, alienation thus turns into a key concept in terms of the role art plays in and for society: Without alienation there is no art, and ultimately it is only art that prevents total alienation. Repro: Installation view: Antarctica. An Exhibition on Alienation, Kunsthalle Wien 2018, Photo: Jorit Aust