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The sculptures of French artist Camille Blatrix (* 1984) are inspired by the mass-produced objects that surround us, but are made using traditional techniques and exquisite handcraft. The results are objects imbued with inexplicable affect and evoking machines whose use remains cryptic. Perhaps devices from the near future?

In this edition of the Regionale, all of the featured artists are either older than sixty-five or younger than thirty-five. To juxtapose youth and maturity might have implied something different twenty years ago—when decades were more closely identified with particular styles—than it does today. Here, twenty-one artistic positions meet around two biographical “poles”, and together focus on thematic questions with both older and newly produced works of art.




11 am - 6 pm


11 am - 6 pm


11 am - 8:30 pm


11 am - 6 pm


11 am - 5 pm


11 am - 5 pm