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An incongruous combination of dry humor, graphically explicit themes, and candy-hued, child-like forms seemingly built from the simple geometries of early video games pervades the digital animations of Wong Ping (*1984). For his first large-scale institutional solo show, the Hong Kong-based artist presents newly commissioned and recent videos, each within a new, specially conceived sculptural installation.

Daniel Dewar (b. 1976) and Grégory Gicquel (b. 1975) create sculptural objects that combine traditional craftwork, figurative motifs, and a wildly surreal sensibility. For their first institutional exhibition in Switzerland, the British-French artist duo presents an ensemble of newly commissioned and recently constructed wood pieces in which the fragmented bodies of humans and other mammals appear.




11 am - 6 pm


11 am - 6 pm


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11 am - 6 pm


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11 am - 5 pm