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The cornerstone of the collection of the Danish museum, which has been state-run since 1953, was laid with the art treasures amassed by the insurance company director Wilhelm Hansen and his wife, Henny, starting in the late 19th century. The Hamburg exhibition will feature paintings by all of the leading Impressionists: Camille Pissarro, Édouard Manet, Edgar Degas, Alfred Sisley, Claude Monet, Berthe Morisot, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Eva Gonzalès.

Integrated into the sweeping historical circuit through the museum’s Classical Modernism collection will be some 40 paintings and sculptures by 40 different members of the Secession – among them Alma del Banco, Karl Ballmer, Fritz Flinte, Ivo Hauptmann, Paul Henle, Karl Kluth, Dorothea Maetzel-Johannsen, Rolf Nesch, Anita Rée, Otto Rodewald, Heinrich Steinhagen, Heinrich Stegemann and Gretchen Wohlwill. This direct juxtaposition with modernist works by artists from all over Europe is designed to reveal how the members of the Hamburg Secession picked up in manifold ways on the art trends of their time.

The 4th of October 2019 marks the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death (1606–1669). (…) On display will be (…) for example »Simeon and Hannah in the Temple« (1627) and »Maurits Huygens, Secretary to the Council of State in The Hague« (1632), two masterpieces from Rembrandt’s early period in Leiden and Amsterdam. These will be supplemented by the painting »The Expulsion of Hagar« (1612) by Pieter Lastman, who taught Rembrandt for six months in his workshop circa 1625. Exhibited alongside the three paintings will be a selection of around 60 etchings, including landscapes, portraits and works on religious themes.




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