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Paintings by Caravaggio, sculptures by Bernini and other works of central importance to the early Roman Baroque are on view together for the first time ever at Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna.

Together with the special exhibition Caravaggio & Bernini, the Kunsthistorisches Museum is showing a new series of works by the Austrian artist Klaus Mosettig in the Bassano Hall. His series The David Plates is based on X-rays of Caravaggio’s painting David with the Head of Goliath from the collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. The fifteen large-scale drawings were created by artist Klaus Mosettig in his Vienna studio over a period of almost two years, from the autumn of 2017 through to the summer of 2019.

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art presents for the first time in Russia a large-scale project of Yoko Ono’s art featuring her legendary textual «Instructions», reenactments of the artist’s classical performances and her video art. The show acts as a prelude to the celebration of the MMOMA anniversary and opens as a part of the International Festival-School of Contemporary Art «Territory». The «Ruarts» foundation is the partner of the project.

This fall the Kunsthal Rotterdam proudly presents the first retrospective on French creator Thierry Mugler. This major exhibition will reveal the multiple universes of this undeniably artistic figure – visionary couturier, director, photographer and perfumer – in a retrospective of his work, especially his ready-to-wear and haute couture creations. Initiated, produced and circulated by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, in collaboration with the Clarins Group and the Maison Mugler, the exhibition’s world premiere will launch in Montreal in March 2019. As collaboration partner, the Kunsthal Rotterdam will be the second stop and the first venue in Europe to show this spectacular retrospective.

With approximately 140 works that have rarely if ever been exhibited in Germany, the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein- Westfalen presents the “unknown” Edvard Munch (1863 – 1944) at the K20. These paintings, prints, and sculptures were selected by Karl Ove Knausgård (*1968). The internationally celebrated writer, a native Norwegian like Munch himself, achieved worldwide fame with his six-volume autobiographical novel, which has been translated into more than 30 languages and has received numerous prizes.

The exhibition and accompanying scholarly publication provide the first extensive study dedicated to all the works in the Nationalgalerie produced by women painters and sculptors before 1919. It is a revision of the museum’s collections viewed under the important aspect of current discourse about equal rights.

Ragnar Kjartansson‘s The Visitors was shot at the magnificent old Rokeby estate near New York. The performance of the musician in each individual video was recorded separately, but in the gallery the nine takes merge into a single impressive performance.

Nearly 3000 years ago, a tiny, unknown people, trapped between the great empires of the Ancient Orient, Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece, told incredible stories about a flow of interconnected events that have travelled through time and space, surviving changing historical eras and cultures. This primeval narrative is recreated by the text of Frédéric Boyer and the drawings of Serge Bloch. Exile, migration, encounters and discoveries come to life, the account becomes our own story.

The first exhibition to explore the remarkable career of Edith Halpert, the trailblazing art dealer whose influence, eye, and passion for American art championed the work of Stuart Davis, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Jacob Lawrence, Georgia O’Keeffe, Ben Shahn, and Charles Sheeler.

The Austrian artist Martin Roth (1977-2019) attracted attention with site-specific installations and interventions between art and nature. His ephemeral and temporary spaces, mostly apocalyptic-dystopic scenarios of rubble, bricks, or civilization waste, were literally animated with rescued animals (frogs, birds, snails, laboratory mice, etc.) and/or plants – on the one hand these act as catalysts together with the factor time for the decay of place and material. At the same time they are a promise for renewal and continuity of at least nature and matter. For the installation at KUNST HAUS WIEN, the artist has filled the entire floor of the “garage” with rubble and sculptural pieces – wild plants settle in the gaps – and stimulates the setting with a sound installation: The main sounds are birds that imitate technically produced sounds such as ring tones, car noise, sirens, etc. – an echo of our industrialized life. Roth has taken up themes of dislocation, substitution, decay, inequality and disorder in a network of relationships between artist / recipient, human / animal / nature and time / space and created subtle symbolic images of the state of our world. In october 2019 I listened to animals imitating humans. is his first museum exhibition in Austria, […]

Ve spolupráci s komisí ADIAF probíhá již 19. ročník Ceny Marcela Duchampa.

110 works of Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Nouveau Réalisme, Pop Art and Minimal Art, Arte Povera and more; the artists include David Smith, Serge Brignoni, Pablo Picasso, Yves Klein, Willem de Kooning, Anthony Caro, Richard Serra, Brice Marden, Sean Scully and Giuseppe Penone.