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Anita Leisz (born 1973 in Leoben) is the fourth prizewinner of the Kapsch Contemporary Art Prize, which promotes young artists who are based primarily in Austria.

Posenenske’s works can be described as oscillating between Minimalism and Conceptualism, participatory art and performance, social practice and institutional criticism. The exhibition brings together her first drawings and paintings (her earliest experiments with mark making), aluminium wall-reliefs, and her last and best-known modular sculptures.

What does it mean today to talk about spirituality? on the spiritual matter of art is a project that investigates the issue of the spiritual through the lens of contemporary art and, at the same time, that of the ancient history of Rome. In a layout offering diverse possible paths, the exhibition features the works of 19 artists, leading names on the international scene from very different backgrounds and cultures. In a rigorously non-confessional vision, the exhibition, therefore, brings together works of contemporary art with a selection of archaeological relics from the capital’s leading museums: the Vatican Museums, the National Roman Museum, the Capitoline Museums and the National Etruscan Museum at Villa Giulia.

Výstava mapuje situaci uprchlíků a emigrantů usazených v táboře na okraji města Calais přezdívaného Jungle před jeho demontáží v říjnu 2016.

In einem Zeitraum von fast vierzig Jahren schafft Michael Bielicky innovative Arbeiten in den Bereichen Fotografie, Video sowie netzbasierter Installation. Die Ausstellung »Perpetuum mobile« bietet erstmals einen Überblick über sein vielfältiges Gesamtwerk. ZKM věnuje výstavou Perpetum mobile první celkový pohled na dílo Michaela Bielického, jenž před téměř čtyřiceti lety propadl tehdy nově vznikajícímu médiu založenému na fotografickém obraze, videu, síťovém propojení světa pomocí rozvýjejících se technologií digitálního a telekomunikačního prostoru.

This fall the Kunsthal Rotterdam proudly presents the first retrospective on French creator Thierry Mugler. This major exhibition will reveal the multiple universes of this undeniably artistic figure – visionary couturier, director, photographer and perfumer – in a retrospective of his work, especially his ready-to-wear and haute couture creations. Initiated, produced and circulated by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, in collaboration with the Clarins Group and the Maison Mugler, the exhibition’s world premiere will launch in Montreal in March 2019. As collaboration partner, the Kunsthal Rotterdam will be the second stop and the first venue in Europe to show this spectacular retrospective.

With approximately 140 works that have rarely if ever been exhibited in Germany, the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein- Westfalen presents the “unknown” Edvard Munch (1863 – 1944) at the K20. These paintings, prints, and sculptures were selected by Karl Ove Knausgård (*1968). The internationally celebrated writer, a native Norwegian like Munch himself, achieved worldwide fame with his six-volume autobiographical novel, which has been translated into more than 30 languages and has received numerous prizes.

The exhibition presents a selection of around 200 photographs from the estate of Stuttgart photographer Ludwig Windstosser (1921–1983). Through his company portraits Windstosser advanced to become post-war West Germany’s leading industrial photographer; yet he remains largely unknown today.

The exhibition and accompanying scholarly publication provide the first extensive study dedicated to all the works in the Nationalgalerie produced by women painters and sculptors before 1919. It is a revision of the museum’s collections viewed under the important aspect of current discourse about equal rights.

Výstavný projekt so zameraním na maliarstvo a sochárstvo Podkarpatskej Rusi v rokoch 1919 – 1938 prezentuje umeleckú produkciu krátkej periódy dvadsiatich rokov, kedy bolo územie Podkarpatskej Rusi súčasťou nového štátneho útvaru Čechov a Slovákov. Výstave predchádza vedecko-výskumná a bádateľská práca, ktorá sa zameriava na dejiny medzivojnového obdobia v konfrontácii s košickou a európskou modernou.

With Siegfried Zaworka, mumok has for the first time invited an Austrian artist to fill the wall in the museum’s foyer with a site-specific work. Following photography-based installations by Cindy Sherman, Louise Lawler, and Jeff Wall, Zaworka focuses his artistic investigation on the devices used in pain- ting. Under the title Funktionale, he has arranged a group of image elements painted on bare canvas into a temporary mural that artfully toys with the vie- wer’s habits of perception. What looks at first glance like a surreal landscape with a mountain range, fir tree, and vegetal forms, turns out on closer inspec- tion to consist in a systematic analysis of the illusionistic potential of painting.