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Traditional Jewish cemeteries are like immense pages of old chronicles or the Scripture, handwritten on the soil with gravestones as letters and lanes as background, dotted with ritual buildings and framed by long walls. Modern Jewish graves depart from this world in order to bring Jewish cemeteries closer to the Christian world. Photographs by Rudolf Klein offer an insight into this world.

El Lissitzky (1890, Pochinok, Smolensk – 1941, Moscow) is one of the key figures of the Russian – Soviet revolutionary avant-garde and international avant-gardes of the 20th century. He worked as an architect, graphic artist, painter, typographer, designer and photographer. RUDOLF SIKORA (*1946, Žilina) is one of the most important figures of Slovak visual art, his work of a conceptual pedigree found international recognition. He has been active in most areas of visual art, including painting, drawing, graphic art, photography, action art, objects and installations. The Rudolf/eR Sikora exhibition has been designed as an independent visual and ideological parallel to the visual (and ideological) world of El Lissitzky.

From Saturday 16 March Kunsthal Rotterdam is presenting ‘Sirens’, a kinetic sound installation by artist and composer Joris Strijbos. His work is inspired by ongoing research on complex processes, such as organised systems in biology and digital technology. The way the individual birds interact in a flock, the process of algorithms in data networks – Strijbos unravels the complexity and translates the beauty he finds there to compositions of light and sound.

Step into the fascinating world of science fiction and discover the ongoing human quest for the unknown – on our own planet and in a remote part of the universe. More than 850 unique objects show the incredible imagination and inventiveness of the human mind. Travel through time and space with film clips and video installations, rare manuscripts and drawings, books and comics, art and design, and admire the many costumes, masks, models and props from film classics like Star Wars, Star Trek and Godzilla.

Iiu Susiraja (b. 1975) has degrees in textile design and photography from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, where she studied 2012–2016. This is her first extensive museum exhibition in Finland. In addition to photographs and videos, it also includes an installation.

Kunsthistorisches Museum presents for the first time in Austria an exhibition dedicated to the great American artist, Mark Rothko. Together with his contemporaries, Jackson Pollock, Barnett Newman, and Willem de Kooning, Rothko was one of the Abstract Expressionists, whose works made New York a centre of modern art. Rothko undertook three extensive trips to Europe, visiting as many churches, architectural monuments, and museums as he could. Art and architecture of the recent and more distant past are a vigorous presence in his work. Our exhibition presents an overview of Rothko’s artistic career from the early figurative works of the 1930s to those of the 1940s, and the classical abstract paintings of the 1950s and 1960s that made him famous.

Fury, fear, lust – depictions of psychological extremes still exert a fascination on artists and viewers today. But in our “facial society,” what remains a valid form of (self-)portrait beyond the realm of Facebook and selfies? Using Messerschmidt’s famous Character Heads as a springboard, the exhibition at the Orangery takes a head on look at the human face. 

Téme stredoeurópskej plenérovej krajinomaľby, ktorá sa rozvíjala v priestore bývalej rakúsko-uhorskej monarchie v rokoch 1860 – 1890, sa doteraz nevenovala príliš veľká pozornosť. Výstava organizovaná Západočeskou galériou v Plzni a Slovenskou národnou galériou je jedným z prvých pokusov zamerať sa na tvorbu osobností výtvarnej scény, ktoré sa pohybovali medzi dunajskou monarchiou a súdobými centrami výtvarného umenia.

The Museo del Prado presents the generous donation made in 2018 by the Ellacuria family, the descendants of the painter Cecilio Pla (1859–1934). It is made up of a large collection of letters, photographs and negatives, and some of his sketchbooks, together with a number of loose drawings and various other materials related to his career, such his diplomas and medals. This donation, of which only a small selection is on display, will enhance our knowledge of the work of this Valencian painter and the artistic and cultural panorama of his time.

Featuring more than sixty etchings, lithographs and linoleum cuts, the exhibition presents a selection from the holdings of the Städel Museum’s Department of Prints and Drawings, enhanced by a small number of loans from the Museum Ludwig in Cologne and a private collection. The selection vividly illustrates the full range and development of Picasso’s graphic oeuvre from the early years in Paris to his late work.

The photographer Helmut Wimmer has been working with the Ganymede series in the Kunsthistorisches Museum for many years, producing sensitive and exciting portraits of the authors involved. For GANYMEDE NATURE he has let nature burst into the museum and its galleries. Comprising twelve tableaus, his photographic project The Last Day is inspired by historical facts and natural catastrophes: In the most poetical sense, Nature herself takes centre stage. Earth and water make their way through the galleries. Mountains take possession of the rooms. Leaves and shady groves cover ancient busts. A visual dialogue between two contrary worlds takes spectators on a journey in which violence and anger, memory and accusations are as palpable as pausing to think, and forgiveness. Nature as a space for civilisation and history. The museum competing with the forces of nature.

The exhibition at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg and the accompanying program of musical events at the Elbphilharmonie, HYPER! SOUNDS, includes more than 60 international artists and musicians who explicitly work between ​​the disciplines of art and music and – often unnoticed by the broader public – decisively integrate references from both these areas into their art. Superstars from the worlds of art and music such as Andreas Gursky, Kim Gordon, Alexander Kluge, Rosemarie Trockel, and Wolfgang Tillmans will be featured alongside avant-gardists such as Arthur Jafa, Thomas Scheibitz, Peter Saville, and Arto Lindsay. The exhibition is narratively underpinned by dozens of interviews that Max Dax conducted with the participants in HYPER! in recent years.