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The Kunsthaus Zürich presents Oskar Kokoschka – Expressionist, migrant and pacifist – in the first retrospective of his work in Switzerland for 30 years. The highlights among the more than 200 exhibits include the monumental ‘Prometheus Triptych’ and the ‘Mural for Alma Mahler’, which have never before been seen in Switzerland.

Heji Shin is a New York–based German-Korean photographer. She works commercially on projects such as fashion shoots as well as in the—no less commercial—art world. Shin became known, amongst others, for her images commissioned by the American fashion label Eckhaus Latta and for Make Love, a much-discussed sex education book for teenagers, as well as for the image series #lonelygirl and Babies.

Wang Bing is one of the most important contemporary documentary filmmakers. He is known for his epic films dedicated to the world of work and everyday life including its constraints and opportunities. At Kunsthalle Zürich, Bing will be presenting two films: Mrs. Fang, (Fang Xiu Ying, 102 min. 2018, Golden Leopard 2017 for the cinema version) and Man with No Name (Wu Ming Zhe, 99 min., 2010).

For the development of his architecture, Fernando Menis prefers to use three-dimensional materials such as clay in order to design shape and dimension of the buildings in an ongoing modelling process. During his 40 years of practice, a multitude of typologies has been created whose sculptural formal language possesses an outstanding expressiveness. In the exhibition, these models of planned and realised projects by the Canarian office are presented inside a walk-in cubic space, including the Concert and Congress Hall ‘CKK Jordanki’ in Toruń/Poland, the Hotel Complex ‘Bürchen Mystik’ in Switzerland or the Public Swimming Pool ‘Badeschiff’ in Berlin. Thus, the installation is dedicated to creative processes and innovative approaches that make the work of Menis Arquitectos so unique.

Barcelona’s Encants Market, dating back more than seven centuries, is one of Europe’s oldest. In 2013, it moved to its current site in a space designed by b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos. The project strives to maintain the spirit of open-air markets with the design of a large public square covered by material that reflects its day-to-day activity. These design strategies have made it one of the world’s most famous markets and one of the b720 Fermín Vázquez studio’s signature works. This exhibition is a retrospective look at 20 years|20 projects, selected to explain the approach and the working methods of the b720 team. These projects cover multiple scales. The material remains of the studio’s output over the last 20 years are now assembled in the centre of this installation, an evocation of a stall in Barcelona’s Encants market, the centrepiece of the exhibition’s discourse.

“Výstava Oheň vecí hovorí o meniacom sa vzťahu ľudskej, geologickej a astronomickej mierky, o prelínaní subjektívnych príbehov s veľkými naratívmi zeme či času. Hovorí tiež o fotografii a slove ako médiách záznamu skutočnosti, o ich nepresnostiach a obmedzeniach. (…)” Katarína Poliačiková

Linked to the Műcsarnok’s exhibition about lifestyle reform, titled Hidden Stories, Orsolya Drozdik’s show, mounted in one hall of the museum, revisits some of the elements of her earlier project, Individual Mythology (1975–1977). Two series will be on view: the 24 photographs of Individual Mythology No. 4 and those erased drawings of Individual Mythology No. 6 that have not been displayed thus far.

The main work of the Munkácsy Award-winning visual artist István B. Gellér was the Growing City, which he himself “founded”. In this series, to which he added continuously from 1978 until the end of his life, Gellér diligently “discovered” an ancient civilisation whose inhabitants considered not facts, but the emotions and meaning surrounding them, to be the basis, or starting point, for their existence and interests. On this occasion the exhibition’s curator, Sándor Kardos, has selected statues, boxed works and pictures from the artist’s estate. The 1996 film Growing City, directed by Kardos and starring István B. Gellér himself, will also be viewable at the exhibition.

The Kunsthalle Wien Prize 2018 goes to two artists who hail from a cultural sphere that has been riven by a sharp political divide since the end of the Chinese Civil war in 1949: from the People’s Republic of China and the island nation of Taiwan (officially known as the “Republic of China”). The two honorees agreed on the title Keep me close to you for their diverse explorations of current as well as historic forms of the transmission of immaterial goods across both countries’ respective political and ideological boundaries.   Repro: Hui Ye, Quick Code Service, Videostill, 2017/18, Courtesy the artist

The spirit and the identity of the museum are being renewed with the latest presentation of the MAXXI Collection: on display are more than 30 worksby a total of 26 artists in a major group show that opens with a section dedicated to some of the 70 new acquisitions, including those by Monica Bonvicini, Katharina Grosse and Paolo Di Paolo, which have in 2018 enriched the museum’s holdings and which are part of a policy of expansion, valorization and safeguarding of the collection. In the second part of the gallery are more than 20 works, including pieces by Bill Viola, Giulio Turcato, Alighiero Boetti, Pablo Echaurren, Pei-Ming, Labics and Aldo Rossi reflect on the status of the work of art, the image and its perception in relation to space. With analogic instruments and new technologies, the thematic exhibition intends on the one hand to highlight the works’ strong link to painting and its traditions and on the other create a counterpoint between the abstract and the figurative.

The Berlinische Galerie is to show video sculptures by Raphaela Vogel (*1988) at the artist’s first institutional solo exhibition in Berlin. The spatial installation is part of a festival to mark the 10th anniversary of Videoart at Midnight.