Emily Wardill’s films, photographs, and objects probe the complexity of perception and communication, the question of how reality appears authentic to us, and the displacements of substance and form effected by the individual nature of the imagination.

Edi Hila’s career as an artist is inextricably bound up with the specific political history of Albania. (…) In the exhibition The Sound of the Tuba, Hila presents around twenty paintings from different series he has worked on in recent years as well as a small selection from his output of the late 1990s.

The main exhibition in autumn presents a selection of artistic positions that focus on the effects of climate change on the ecosystem. Nach uns die Sintflut brings together current photographic and cinematic work by 21 international and domestic artists. Their works, often the result of extensive research and close collaborations with leading scientists, throw into relief the ecological effects our way of life has on different regions of the earth.

Discover the work of legendary British photographer Don McCullin (b. 1935). See more than 200 iconic photographs captured over the last 60 years

200 people, 200 portraits of a never seen Gastel. Faces who: «Have passed on something to me, taught me, touched my soul».

Through sculptures, costumes and different characters that can be found in the performances and video portraits displayed the artist communicates to the viewer the motives of spiritual awakening and love which are crucial for her work.

Street photography depicts public life in metropolitan centres. It shows everyday scenes and escapades, commerce and individuality, comedy and tragedy, political engagement and social change.

Whether working on small-format paper surfaces or on enormous walls, the artist Thomas Trum (1989) is always searching for unconventional working methods. He explores new techniques, such as painting with a sponge mounted on a drilling machine, or with felt tip pens measuring several metres high.

For the very first time, the nude photography collection of journalist and photography collector Wim de Jong will be shown to the public (…), featuring a selection from this remarkable collection of amateur snapshots. With women posing among the houseplants, next to the Christmas tree or in front of the fireplace; naked in the surf, on ski’s, or in the back garden..

The exhibition revolves thematically around pictorial techniques, surfaces, and the shifting of visibility: from Dara Birnbaum’s video Technology Transformation. “Wonder Woman” (1978) to Akram Zaatari’s essayistic video installation “On Photography, People and Modern Times” (2012).