Markus Huemer works both in the media of painting and drawing, as well as produces interactive installations and environments, and computer animations. In doing so, he investigates the suitability of the digital media for art on the basis of his experience in the classical ones, bearing in mind art and media history, and questioning at the same time the assumed brilliance of artists by making a sarcastic parody of himself.
Huemer develops his series of works using various formats in order to explore problems of reality, the construction of various realities and their perception. Interested in the questions of presentation and representation, he creates parallel words and observes how they communicate using extremely pared-down projections, installations and products, which seem to be as flat as cut-outs, with colours that appear reduced to a minimum in order to spread what appears to be something recognisable, but at the same time they call attention to the deception of visual perception. Simulating the depth of focus in black, grey and white we are whisked away to a silent landscape of ideas, which destroys our fake perception, coldly and without narrative.
The fundamental principle of his work is the investigation of language as a starting point of his deliberations on perception, communication and understanding, and as a play of language. In the titles of the artworks he uses irony as a way of making statements about paradoxes: we look for a message or some form of communication, which in fact does not exist.

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