The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the National Centre for Contemporary art and the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center present the 5th session of the large-scale interdisciplinary project Human Condition, which has spanned a period of seven years and unfolded at the most important Moscow museum venues. It is now the second time that the MMOMA houses this interinstitutional project. In 2016 the Museum displayed the second session of the Human Condition that explored a person within the system of different affective connections, such as love, friendship, suspicion, disgust. Now it’s the phenomenon of biography, its role and meaning in contemporary culture, that has been set as food for thought. The exhibition, being part of the present session, is entitled Biography: the Model Kit and features video art, installations, photos, objects and sculptures by 14 artists from all over the globe. Some of the artworks have been created specifically for the show.

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