With some 120 masterpieces, the show presents the groundbreaking artistic innovations at the birthplace of the Renaissance. A comprehensive selection of exquisite panel paintings, sculptures and drawings transports visitors back to the time of the Medici and traces the development of the art in the modern age, from its beginnings with Giotto’s work to Leonardo da Vinci’s creations.

The focus of the presentation is on the artists’ world of ideas and working methods. With new self-confidence they plumbed the depths of the real world in quest of the laws of harmony and beauty, they made drawings from nature and studied the works of Antiquity. The painters ambitiously explored the subjects, forms and techniques of their work and, as a result, achieved a variety of artistic forms of expression that had never been reached before, not only in the secular pictorial narratives and portraits but also in the images of private and ecclesiastical devotion.

The exhibition provides a detailed insight into the work methods of Florentine painters and explains the close relationship between technical and stylistical change.

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