Moscow Museum of Modern Art and LABORATORIA Art&Science Foundation are happy to present exhibition Daemons in the Machine occasioned with the fund’s 10th anniversary. The project is dedicated to so-called «new daemonology» — artistic re-thinking of artificial intelligence, myths and ghosts of the epoch of autonomous machines. Do they uncover new, unknown ways of existence? Are neural networks able to think —and what does it mean «to think»? Most works created for the project by artists from Russia, United Kingdom, Austria and Australia together with scientists from iPavlov, MIPT and NRC «Kurchatov Institute» will be shown to public for the first time.

The project Daemons in the Machine explores the latest IT-technologies with potential that isn’t fully studied by developers and specialists in this field: artificial intelligence, blockchain, computer viruses. Participants, exploring ethical and futurological aspects of modern technologies, work with latest art forms such as: robotic installations, self-developing objects, digital interventions and neuro-installations.

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