The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) together with the Goethe-Institute in Moscow presents an exhibition titled «Based on These New Dependencies, We Define Five Normal Forms» which makes up the second part of the project «Space for Art». The exhibition aims to explore new forms of social relations and means of creating and sustaining self-organized groups and draw parallels between pieces from the MMOMA’s collection and works by contemporary artists.

The project «Based on These New Dependencies, We Define Five Normal Forms» aims to reflect on the evolution of social relationships, articulate unarticulated desires towards new relations and foster propositions on how we can live together. The exhibition and an education program accompanying it take as their starting point ideas of the socio-cultural and artistic movement Proletkult which, in particular, focused on the problem of the incompatibility of prescriptive management with the principles of self-organization. Drawing on the functions of the Soviet workers‘ club the exhibition space at 17 Ermolaevsky Lane acts as a place to experience art, a library, a training ground and an oracle — changing its function according to the activities taking place.

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