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​​​​​​​IncarNations is an exhibition created by the South African artist Kendell Geers in dialogue with the Congolese collector Sindika Dokolo. A fascinating initiative that reflects the diversity of the African artistic heritage, from an Afrocentric point of view and including the itineraries of slaves, colonialism and independence movements.

Artists: Provmyza (Nizhny Novgorod), Elena Slobtseva (Perm), Where Dogs Run (Yekaterinburg), Anton Vinogradov (Tyumen), Damir Muratov (Omsk), Konstantin Skotnikov (Novosibirsk), Natasha Yudina (Tomsk), Alexey Martins  (Krasnoyarsk), Elena Anosova (Irkutsk), Zorikto Dorzhiev (Ulan-Ude), Svetlana Tikanova (Khabarovsk), Inna Dodiomova (Vladivostok), with a special guest appearance by Aleksandra Artamanova (Kaliningrad).

‘In order to completely immerse myself in the cycling environment’, Belgian artist Jef Geys (1934-2018) photographed the first Tour de France that Eddy Merckx was to win in 1969. The leitmotif of his contrary reportage was not the glamour of the triumphal procession but the merging of the unusual and the everyday in the life of the cyclist.

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