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This exhibition offers a chance to experience the entirety of Bowling’s 60-year career. It showcases his sensual use of colour and bold experimentation.

From gastronomic experiments to urban farming, this exhibition brings together the politics and pleasure of food to ask how the collective choices we make can lead to a more sustainable, just and delicious food future.

Painting is one of the disciplines encompassed by the Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries of Hermann Nitsch. His approach to this art form is deeply rooted in actionism, performance, and multimediality. Painting represents both the origin and the outcome of Nitsch’s actions. And with the exhibition NITSCH. Spaces of Color, the ALBERTINA Museum now aims to allow Nitsch’s painted works to be perceived not as part of a greater whole, but as paintings in and of themselves for the first time.

The exhibition follows the trajectory from the pioneers of the so-called »Golden Age« of Danish art (Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg, Christen Købke, Wilhelm Marstrand), to representatives of the National Romantic style, who primarily explored the beauties of their own country (Johan Thomas Lundbye, Peter Christian Skovgaard, Vilhelm Kyhn), to the Fynboerne, or Funen Painters, who practiced open-air painting on the Danish island of that name (Peter Hansen, Johannes Larsen, Fritz Syberg). Finally, paintings by Theodor Philipsen, a close friend of Paul Gauguin, will illuminate the signature aspects of Danish Impressionism.

Eight emerging artists present their work as part of their 2019 MFA Thesis exhibition. This exhibition demonstrates a diversity of views on subjects that range from identity to geometric abstraction to activism. What unites the work, is each artist’s challenge to expectation and perspective. Featuring J’han Brady, Amanda Muhlena Hays, Sarah Jarrett, Arnaud Leclere, Sonimar Maldonado, Bryan McGinnis, Guy Miller, and Veronica Salas.

One of the major global challenges facing contemporary built environments is the future of rural development. In China, rural regions have become a new space for experiments. This creates a new countryside at a speed and scale unseen in the Western world. Drawn by the promise of boundless opportunity, architects, planners as well as capital flow are converging in rural regions across the nation. With projects related to housing, local production, cultural practices, agricultural tourism, and revitalisation of communities, the exhibition depicts a panorama of the contemporary Chinese countryside. By outlining a prospect with opportunities and anticipating future development, the presented insights offer a rich source of ideas, strategies, and knowledge. The exhibition is embedded in the long-term programme ‘Regions on the Rise’ by ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory.

Jean-Paul Viguier & Associés is an internationally operating practice founded in 1992 and based in Paris. The practice designs and develops projects following a global approach that spans architecture, urban planning, landscaping and interior design. In this exhibition Jean-Paul Viguier presents his manifesto on ‘IntenCity’: How can a growing population and the resulting density and intensity be conducted responsibly by city planners and architects?

At once tender and unsettling, the films, sculptures, installations, and performances of Geumhyung Jeong (* 1980) are often studies in animism of some sort. For her first solo exhibition in Switzerland, the South Korean artist and choreographer focuses her attention on the erotics of technical animism. She creates a large-scale installation comprised of numerous robotic sculptures built from DIY technologies and short films demonstrating the strange choreographies to which she subjects her “homemade” bodies.

The fact that the Kunstmuseum Bonn has put a focus on the discussion of painting was one of the reasons why the museum was chosen to present the Award of the Dieter Krieg Foundation 2019. The award is endowed with prize money of € 15,000 which is intended to finance the purchase of a painting. The Kunstmuseum has decided to acquire a painting by Berlin-based painter Monika Baer, which will be presented to the public on the occasion of a small exhibition about the artist.

The exhibition Fazit is the prelude to an artistic project of the same name by realities:united. As the big, centralised thermal power stations start closing down in Germany, their artistic potential is explored with a view to accompanying industrial, cultural and social change. The proposal: Power stations still in operation during this stage should be modified so that instead of only producing energy and pollutants, they emit signals into the air, visible from afar, to symbolise and inspire this transformation.

Step inside the world of Stanley Kubrick, one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century.