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Gelatin & Liam Gillick: Stinking Dawn

Stinking Dawn is a walk-in stage design that functions as a changing film setting. Monumental modular architecture sets the location for a film by Gelatin and Liam Gillick that will be shot in situ. Directed by Gillick and based on his script, Gelatin will play the leading roles in this experimental film that explores the limits […]

Hysterical Mining

An exhibition of the Kunsthalle Wien in context of the VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE 2019 In any society, one fundamental field in which gender is expressed is technology. Technical skills and domains of expertise appear to be divided between the sexes, shaping masculinities and femininities.

Sean Scully: Eleuthera

Sean Scully is known above all for his highly expressive abstract paintings of colorful stripes or rectangles. But it is an entirely new side of this artist that comes to light in a work series being given its first-ever presentation by the Albertina Museum. The series Eleuthera from the years 2015-2017 revolves around a very private […]


With her installation entitled A Blazing World, created especially for KUNST HAUS WIEN, Claudia Märzendorfer opens up multiple perspectives on the polluting of the world’s oceans with plastic waste. With a central sculpture and her texts France and Plastiglomerate. Equal to a photograph, Modernity’s reservoir, the artist draws attention to the complexity of the situation.

UNCANNY VALUES: Artificial Intelligence & You

In the exhibition UNCANNY VALUES: Artificial Intelligence & You, the MAK is exploring one of the most important subjects of the coming decades, one that has significant consequences for all areas of our lives: artificial intelligence (AI).


How can the digital revolution of our times be used for human beings as best as possible and how can we cope with predictable misdevelopments? Human by Machine presents various design projects by students and alumni of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, which were created in exchange with students, and teachers of the Academy […]

Villa Ruffiex nabízí rezidence


Villa Ruffiex ve švýcarském Valais nabízí profesionálním umělcům/kyním a badatelům/kám  z různých oborů rezidenční pobyty. V rámci rezidenčních  pobytů  v délce od jednoho do tří měsíců vybraným uchazečům instituce zajistí ubytování, pracovní prostor a měsíční stipendium ve výši 1 500 švýcarských franků. Od rezidentů se očekává práce na konkrétním projektu, který by měl být představen […]

Dorit Margreiter: Really!

Dorit Margreiter’s artistic interest is in the connections between visual systems and spatial structures and the consequences for our everyday lives and societies. The focus is on modern and contemporary architecture and forms of media representation. For her solo show at mumok Dorit Margreiter will transform the complete exhibition gallery into an artistic installation including […]