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Hysterical Mining

An exhibition of the Kunsthalle Wien in context of the VIENNA BIENNALE FOR CHANGE 2019 In any society, one fundamental field in which gender is expressed is technology. Technical skills and domains of expertise appear to be divided between the sexes, shaping masculinities and femininities. In the contemporary West, which pioneered industrialization, allowing it to dominate the […]

Fiona Connor

The New Zealand-born artist Fiona Connor makes sculptural installations in which she replicates objects and structures of everyday life. Her recreations of bulletin boards, drinking fountains, furniture, and doors not only draw attention to these widely overlooked items and their forms, they also reconstruct the histories and micro-economies of communities. Many of her works respond […]

Nora Schultz: would you say this is the day?

Everyday objects, language, recording systems, and cultural displacements play key roles in Nora Schultz’s art, as do the observation and critical activation of the exhibition space and the artist herself as the work’s producer. Recently, she has employed various cameras (GoPro, video drone, etc.) as automated “co-producers” whose contributions to the creative process she cannot […]

Rosalind Nashashibi: DEEP REDDER

Caring and forms of communal life have been a consistent theme in the oeuvre of Rosalind Nashashibi, who examines them in light of the specific political, social, and historical conditions that shape them. The private meets the political; in interweaving the two, the artist sometimes emphasizes political concerns, as in the film Electrical Gaza, which earned […]

Jan van Eyck: Als Ich Can

The exhibition presents three of the circa twenty extant works by Jan van Eyck, offering a glimpse of the art produced during the reign of Duke Philipp the Good, when the Burgundian Low Countries witnessed a unique flowering of courtly and urban civilisation.

Nikita Kadan: Project of Ruins

In his exhibition, Nikita Kadan (born 1982 in Kiev) explores current social and political developments in Ukraine and their foundations in Soviet communism. In his installations, objects, and pictures he shows the extent to which the emancipatory side of the communist avant-garde has been repressed today, in the context of both military conflict with Russia […]

Monica Bonvicini: I CANNOT HIDE MY ANGER

Since the mid-1990s Monica Bonvicini has been exploring political, social, and institutional situations and their impact on society, as well as on the conditions of artistic production. Her work is direct, merciless, political, and not without a dry sense of humor. In the process, she focuses on the relationship between architecture, gender roles, control mechanisms, […]

Fondation FIMINCO (Francie) – výzva pro kurátory/ky


Fondation FIMINCO je nové centrum pro současné umění, jež se nachází v Romainsville na východním předměstí Paříže. Rezidenční program je určený kurátorům a kurátorkám, které mají zájem rozvíjet vlastní výzkum, pracovat na konkrétním projektu či spolupracovat s dalšími rezidenty na nových projektech. Fondation FIMINCO je zaměřena podporu současné umělecké tvorby skrze široké spektrum aktivit, včetně […]

Bienále plastiky malého formátu 2019

Bienále plastiky malého formátu představuje komorní 3D tvorbu mladé a střední generace slovenských vizuálních umělců a přizvaných  hostů ze zahraničí, vytvořenou převážně v průběhu posledních dvou-tří let.


Mikhail Karikis’s film explores the relationship between land, industry and community. Children of Unquiet (2013–14) was created with a group of forty-five children living in the Devil’s Valley, Italy, a volcanically-active region in Tuscany that inspired Dante’s Inferno. The site of the world’s first geothermal power plant, the area has recently become depopulated following the automation of […]