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The Danish artist Michael Kvium is known for the figurative visual language he uses to tackle the existential themes of humanity. In the exhibition ‘Circus Europa’, Kvium takes the circus as a metaphor for our time to portray a world of entertainment where even the most serious news is characterized by sensationalism and drama. Kvium focuses on the situation in Europe and has chosen to represent the political arena and daily life in the form of a circus performance. He draws the public into the circus ring, into the midst of lunacy and madness. This theatrically staged exhibition – presented as an allencompassing installation – will show a wide array of new works, including paintings, films and sculptures.

For Kunsthal Light #17, the Dutch artist Gijs van Lith has taken the architecture of the Kunsthal’s ‘display window’ as the point of departure for his installation. Large, loose canvasses are draped over the horizontal supports in the space. Van Lith playfully distorts our expectations and fundamental understanding of what a painting can and should be.

In her work, Southern African artist Dineo Seshee Bopape structures narratives through material and immaterial presences. For the eighth and final iteration of Para | Fictions, Bopape takes cues from author James Baldwin, who is known for his lyrical prose and writings on the complexity of social and psychological pressures of race, sexuality, and acceptance. Bopape presents an installation that meditates on pre-colonial recorded revolts and acts of resistance against European invasions in Africa.

Rotterdam Cultural Histories #13: The Temporary Autonomous Bureau is a space for researching and discussing interpretations of autonomy in cultural or social projects within Rotterdam. We are inhabitants of the Poortgebouw, a historic residential community located next to the Maas River, and students from the Experimental Publishing Master Programme at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam.

In collaboration with the Mondriaan Fund, the Kunsthal will present the work of the shortlisted candidates for the Prix de Rome Visual Arts 2017 that were selected earlier this year. The nominees are Melanie Bonajo (1978), Rana Hamadeh (1983), Saskia Noor van Imhoff (1982) and Katarina Zdjelar (1979).

From 25 January 2018 till 3 March 2018, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam will turn into the Kunsthalle for Music, a contemporary space for the live exhibition of musical works.

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