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A nomadic platform for learning and unlearning together. knowledge from below. self-education. political imagination. pedagogies of freedom, kinship and change. School Without Center *Moscow takes place in art and between people, at the education center of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in a suburban dacha, in movements through the city, across the walls of institutions, in listening, cooking and dreaming together, in radio transmissions and on online platforms, in workshops and collective reading sessions and in forms that will emerge in time. School Without Center *Moscow is initiated by the art space District Berlin in collaboration with the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Goethe Institut Moscow.

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the wine company Cinzano present an exhibition ’Anticipating Aftertaste’ celebrating the 260th anniversary of the brand. Project at the MMOMA is intended to trace the history of one of the most famed Italian wineries, as well as to draw chronological parallels between the past and the future of the brand and to show its impact in the history of Italian art and design. Cinzano can be easily called the essence of the Italian way of living, a symbol of impeccable and genuine Italian style. The long family history started 260 years ago near Turin. It is a history of great skill and tradition that progressed from the status of an official supplier of the Savoy Royal Court to the worldwide popularity of Cinzano beverages. The dynamic growth of the brand went hand in hand with the emergence of broad interest in popular culture. Therefore, the brand’s own course of development naturally resulted in the call for collaboration to the most daring artists of the time, those who were in line with the innovative spirit of the Cinzano Company. ’’Anticipating Aftertaste” display consists of two parts, corresponding to the duo of Cinzano historical colours. The Blue gallery introduces the viewer to original posters elaborated specifically for the brand by the legendary designers of the late 19th — early 20th century, such as Raymond Savignac, Leonetto Cappiello, Adolpho Hohenstein and Nico Edel. They are dynamic and sensual, with a vivid concept at the core […]

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and LABORATORIA Art&Science Foundation are happy to present exhibition Daemons in the Machine occasioned with the fund’s 10th anniversary. The project is dedicated to so-called «new daemonology» — artistic re-thinking of artificial intelligence, myths and ghosts of the epoch of autonomous machines. Do they uncover new, unknown ways of existence? Are neural networks able to think —and what does it mean «to think»? Most works created for the project by artists from Russia, United Kingdom, Austria and Australia together with scientists from iPavlov, MIPT and NRC «Kurchatov Institute» will be shown to public for the first time. The project Daemons in the Machine explores the latest IT-technologies with potential that isn’t fully studied by developers and specialists in this field: artificial intelligence, blockchain, computer viruses. Participants, exploring ethical and futurological aspects of modern technologies, work with latest art forms such as: robotic installations, self-developing objects, digital interventions and neuro-installations.

Moscow Museum of Modern Art and RuArts Foundation present Russia’s first-ever solo exhibition of Frank Shepard Fairey, one among the most influential street artists of our time. The Force Majeure Project features the works he created during the last 25 years, as well as his most recent oeuvre made specifically for the MMOMA exhibition. The project is launched with the collaboration of the creative group ARTMOSPHERE and is part of the special program of the IIIrd Biennale of Street Wave.

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