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The Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) together with the Goethe-Institute in Moscow presents an exhibition titled «Based on These New Dependencies, We Define Five Normal Forms» which makes up the second part of the project «Space for Art». The exhibition aims to explore new forms of social relations and means of creating and sustaining self-organized groups and draw parallels between pieces from the MMOMA’s collection and works by contemporary artists. The project «Based on These New Dependencies, We Define Five Normal Forms» aims to reflect on the evolution of social relationships, articulate unarticulated desires towards new relations and foster propositions on how we can live together. The exhibition and an education program accompanying it take as their starting point ideas of the socio-cultural and artistic movement Proletkult which, in particular, focused on the problem of the incompatibility of prescriptive management with the principles of self-organization. Drawing on the functions of the Soviet workers‘ club the exhibition space at 17 Ermolaevsky Lane acts as a place to experience art, a library, a training ground and an oracle — changing its function according to the activities taking place.

An exhibition «Perfect age» is devoted to the crisis experience of age in the modern world and the comprehension of this phenomenon in the Russian art of the XX-XXI centuries. It consists of two self-sufficient and complementary parts, which are presented on different venues — in the MMOMA Educational Centerand in the AZ Museum. Both of these metropolitan museums, located within walking distance of each other and united not only by interest in Russian art of the second half of the 20th century, that reflected in the nature of their extensive collections but also by the openness to modern visual culture. The AZ Museum, which central task is the preservation, study and actualization of the heritage of Anatoly Zverev and other artists of the sixties, marks this year its third anniversary. Always paying special attention to innovative methods of presentation, the museum for the first time takes part in the Moscow International Biennale of Young Art.

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art with the support of the State Hermitage Museum presents «Untold Story» — a solo exhibition of the world-famous photographer Steve McCurry. The project, which includes more than 80 works, is intended to reveal the author’s creative method and to acquaint the viewer with the process of McCurry’s work as a reporter. Along with photographs, the show includes fragments from McCurry’s notebooks, his travel itineraries and archive materials which have never been shown before. The BMW Group Russia is the general partner of the project.

General Rehearsal is a content-rich, innovative presentation that combines works from three international art collections: V-A-C Foundation, KADIST and Moscow Museum of Modern Art. The project addresses for the first time V-A-C’s new approach to exhibition making, introducing a more fluid, transparent method of working collectively and engaging all disciplines equally. Designed to evolve and change like a living organism that adapts and responds to its environment, it adopts the structure of a theatrical play developing over three acts to be staged over a five-month period. In this framework, the project proposes considering artworks as actors in the play, having a potential agency similar to human beings.

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