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Fritz Winter (1905-1976) began his artistic career in 1927 at the Bauhaus in Dessau as a pupil of Wassily Kandinsky, Oskar Schlemmer and Paul Klee. Parallel to the exhibition ‘Paul Klee. Construction of Mystery,‘ the Fritz Winter Foundation is showing the artist’s early works from the 1920s up until the 1940s.

The exhibition follows projects that have previously been put on show in the Neue Pinakothek’s study gallery. Using information recorded in an index held in the museum storerooms, the exhibition sets about arranging these projects into a thematic selection. ‚C is for Country…’ shows 19th century artists (re)discovering the familiar and unfamiliar both at home and abroad, and the resulting depictions captured in their paintings. Featuring between 40 and 50 paintings, the collection allows visitors to observe how quickly initial curiosity can become bogged down in clichés.

Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Araki (b. 1940) is one of the most prolific and provocative photographers of our time. His work spans a wide range of topics, from highly erotic representations of women to artificial still lifes, botanical portraits, photo-journalistic depictions of everyday life, and architectural photography – and almost diary-like shots of himself and his late wife.

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