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This major new exhibition brings together, for the first time, the works of four of the most celebrated figures in art photography.

Come and discover the design thinking behind how you read the news. A free pop-up display exploring the design process behind The Guardian’s new tabloid format.

All Too Human celebrates the painters in Britain who strove to represent human figures, their relationships and surroundings in the most intimate of ways.

Explore the romantic and remarkable age of ocean travel and discover how ocean liners helped shape the modern world.

This multi-sensory and playful exhibition explores the magical world of Winnie-the-Pooh – one of the most adored fictional characters of all time.

The broadcaster Jon Snow is renowned for his colourful ties. He selects his ties each morning based on his mood, generally upbeat, but is conscious that ‘the tie should never distract from the news’. Although millions of viewers see Snow’s ties every night, few will realise that they are the product of a unique design process.

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