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After their 2006 debut exhibition, followed by another six until 2011, MORPH (founded in 2005) will display their works for the eighth time. Sculptors János Kalmár, Attila Mata and Tamás Szabó – all three of them awarded the Mihály Munkácsy prize – translate their experiences and experiments linked to space into forms, appealing to viewers at an aesthetic as well as a trans-perceptional, intellectual/spiritual level.

József Gaál (1960) is a fine artist, arts writer and a professor at the University of Fine Arts. The key works displayed at the present exhibition – for which we borrowed the title from the artist’s early, three-part lithograph made in 1991 – are the leather heads called Marsyas Figures, the Hermae, Macula and Imagio series, as well as pieces from Bello Brutto and Transhuman Fetish.




10 am - 6 pm


10 am - 6 pm


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10 am - 6 pm


10 am - 6 pm