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As part of the RAY 2018 photo triennal, the MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst shows at MMK 3 works of the four artists shortlisted for the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize 2018: Mathieu Asselin, Rafal Milach, Batia Suter and Luke Willis Thompson. Typically wide-ranging in style and approach, all of this year’s shortlisted projects nevertheless reflect a concern with the production and manipulation of knowledge and systems of representation through visual formats. The projects encompass a searing photographic interrogation of global biotech giant, Monsanto (Asselin); an exploration of the seemingly innocent tactics of government control and propaganda (Milach); an encyclopaedic collection of visual taxonomies that expose the shifting and relative meanings of printed images depending on their context (Suter); and a deeply affecting filmic study of grief that reflects the personal cost of visual representation and media exploitation (Willis Thompson). 2018 marks the twenty-first year of the Prize and reaffirms its position as a barometer of talent, excellence and innovation. The Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize is an annual award which has been established in 1997 by The Photographers’ Gallery, London and is awarded together with the Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation. The £30,000 prize rewards a living photographer, of any nationality, for a specific […]

With the works of Cao Fei, Richard Mosse and Paulo Nazareth, the exhibition EXTREME. NOMADS at MMK 1 focuses on different aspects of contemporary forms of nomadic existence and addresses the dissolution of boundaries in politics, economy, society, and culture. The artists from three continents are not only investigating the individual, social and political extremes that are a result of globalisation, but also their own artistic strategies move across and alongside these boundaries. The image defines the reality of our life day in and day out. With the theme EXTREME the photo triennial RAY 2018 accounts for this power of the image with a multitude of international artists’ positions. For decades, the institutions and collections in Frankfurt/RheinMain have shown an outstanding focus and competence in the field of photography. After the first two successful editions RAY 2012 and RAY 2015 this unique quality and versatility is presented with a unique constellation: Over 40 artists, 15 partner institutions, 10 exhibition venues and 6 cities in the Rhine/Main region put this focus in the international spotlight. With exhibitions, a multitude of events and — for the first time — a four-day festival dedicated to the Triennial theme EXTREME, RAY offers yet another […]




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