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The collector Heinz Slunecko has been involved with the MAK for more than ten years; his extensive collection of ceramics from the Southeastern and East Asian region has been enriching the museum’s exhibitions ever since. His many travels enabled him to discover the not so immediately recognizable qualities of historical ceramics that are little known and seldom presented in Europe—from Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea, and also including predominantly contemporary works from Japan.

With the solo exhibition GUSTAV PEICHL: 15 Buildings for His 90th, the MAK is celebrating the renowned Austrian architect’s 90th birthday. In 2013, Gustav Peichl donated all of his architectural sketches, designs, and plans for his Austrian building projects to the museum. In a career spanning over 50 years, in which he created a total of 70 buildings, the versatile and prolific architect has personally selected 15 buildings—from between 1958 and 2011—for the MAK exhibition, affording a unique insight into his oeuvre. Sketches and plans that for the most part have never previously been shown to the public are being presented together with largely familiar objects, thus bringing his architectural theories into focus.




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