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From humorous advertising slogans to socially critical statements, the MAK exhibition 100 BEST POSTERS 17: Germany Austria Switzerland offers a diverse spectrum of contemporary poster designs. On show from 27 June 2018 are the one hundred winning posters that this year’s international jury of experts chose from entries to the annual competition. The posters, all of which are considered equal winners, range from student projects to commissioned work by established graphic designers and advertising agents. In 2017, the selection manifests a pronounced trend towards serial poster combinations and unconventional graphic solutions.   The five-person jury for the graphic design competition, which is by now a well-established tradition, comprised communications designer Jens Müller (Düsseldorf, Chair), poster artist Peter Bankov (Prague), the graphic designers Albert Exergian (Vienna) and Michael Kryenbühl (Bern/Lucerne), as well as designer Daniel Wiesmann (Berlin). They received a record number of 2 293 posters from 657 different participants. During the two-stage selection process, 45 entries were chosen from Germany and 50 from Switzerland, along with one German-Swiss cooperation and four further entries from Austria.   The competition 100 BEST POSTERS: Germany Austria Switzerland has been presented in the MAK since 2006, and is displayed this year for the first time in the MAK […]

With its wide-ranging jubilee exhibition 300 YEARS OF THE VIENNA PORCELAIN MANUFACTORY, the MAK is drawing attention to the history and significance of the second-oldest porcelain manufactory in Europe. Founded in May 1718 when the imperial privilege for porcelain production was granted to Claudius Innocentius Du Paquier, the Vienna Porcelain Manufactory set new aesthetic standards over the following decades. Some 1 000 objects from the holdings of the MAK as well as national and international collections offer a formidable overview of Viennese developments in the context of Asian precursors and European competitors.




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