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Lauren McCarthy explores our contemporary social interactions and the increasingly mediated systems that underlie and shape them. In her performance series Follower the artist provides a service to obtain a real-life follower for one day. After signing up participants are selected and given an app to download, which will notify them when the following begins – an act one is aware of, yet which remains just outside one’s sight. The following lasts one day and at the end the participant is left with a photo of her, taken from her follower. Through this seemingly simple shift from online to real-life follower, the artist explores the complexity of our desire to be seen, subverting the normative accumulation of faceless followers on our social media accounts. The performance can be seen as a balancing act between the affective and the surveilling role of networked images, treading on a fine line between attention and control within social media.

“The year of the student protests took place without me.”In his autobiography, the German photojournalist and collector Robert Lebeck (1929 – 2014) described how he experienced the year 1968: “When the barricades were burning in Paris, I was working in Florida on a series about two murdered students; when students began protesting in front of the Springer Building, I was photographing the christening of Hildegard Knef’s baby; and when Russian troops marched into Prague, I was accompanying the pope’s visit to Bogotá.”  




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